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Childhood Near-Death Experiences
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Important Hard-Earned Lessons for Your Self-Help Wellness

Much of unshakable wellness knowledge that you and I were taught was wrong. Very wrong!

Because I was born, and later into a brutal reality, I always have accepted such as being normal. Brutal reality has now become for every human being. And that is one big reason why I must issue an urgent warning before everyone goes essentially brain-dead and prematurely dead.

Many years ago I knew next to nothing about New Age, Gaia, and similar "wacko theories." I never pursued those subjects, because like most Westerners  I was indoctrinated that those subjects were wacko.

However, many years ago, while I was talking with my wife, I veered  far off our subject by saying something wacko like this: "I feel like I am connected to all life on Earth, and the universe. And maybe also with God. I cannot explain why or how I feel that way. But I am convinced of that reality." My wife seemed somewhat speechless and that ended that subject.

Some years thereafter I began to have brief episodes of wonderment about my many personal paradoxical aspects. The more of them came into my consciousness over  a long period of time, the more fascinated and inquisitive I became. I kept wondering How could that be?

The most dominant question might shock you, but you will not be disappointed after you learn about those solid and legal implications. By far the biggest paradox was why I did not kill someone soon after I would discover how to carry out such a deed.  To end my continuous tortures through self-defense or suicide.

and how have I been able to keep my marbles, while evermore people are losing theirs. That thought entered my mind while  I was confidentially visiting with hundreds of psychiatric patients. After a few years of doing so I began to realize that the  divide between "normal, sane people" seems to be growing ever narrower.

There is growing evidence that my very early-life near-death experiences (NDE) bestowed me with some unusual blessings. I did not realize that until more recently when I happened to come across an amazon list of NDE non-fiction books. I became convinced that convinced God has helped to protect and guide me most of my life. Many hundreds of people who have learned some my life story have been confirming that. After you learn about some of my life-long experiences you might also conclude that to be the case. If not, I   like you to tell me how such could have been otherwise.

In addition, diverse extreme long-term traumas changed my brain, my central nervous system. That gradual change healed me to the point that I was able to walk again after a near-death infection. Eventually my high intuition also guided me  to recover from several modern-day undiagnosable long-term chronic illnesses. They were some of the  illnesses. condtions, that are intrinsic of the Human Collapse Diseases/Disorder (HCDD).

Some of those blessings include many insights, predictions and prophecies that seemingly came to me out of nowhere during my adulthood. Many of those "blinks," flash insights, seemed to be very improbable at the times. However, even many of the insaner ones  have become, or are becoming, reality. Many of them have not yet been publically accepted, but that has been changing quickly because of growing enlightement. Some have also been proven by media outlets, research, etc., as being factual and real.

Also, many of my valuable life experiences are emotionally too diffuclt or some people to accept. Fixated in denialism; they wish away anything that makes them feel uncomfortable. Unfortunately, many do so even though they might be unknowingly dying from an assortment of the dozens of chronic illnesses, like I did at one time, that have emerged since my childhood.

Even though I have been a very curious, life-long, searcher for true knowledge wherever I might find it, I was slowly dying from lack of the specific knowledge that would have kept me from slowly being poisoned. Much of that knowledge had practically been staring me in the face, but I did not recognize it. Likewise, many environmentally-ill people do not learn that they can achieve better wellness by learning knowledge that I acquired through most difficult experiences.

I was forced to acquire extraordinary knowledge about emotional and physical wellness to survive decades of diverse experiences. In addition, I was forced to also acquire universal healing knowledge, because modern-day doctors were unable to diagnose the causes of my illnesses, much less cure me.

Those are the main reasons why I am writing this article. It is my hope to help others. Doing that will also diminish my continuous frustrations of not being believed by too many people.

On the other hand, my life story has inspired uncountable numbers of people. That included conversations with hundreds of physical and psychiatric patients, as well as feedback from many readers and audiences. That feedback has been humbling and rewarding for me. I became blessed to have received the solid purpose of helping others to be well.

Therefore, I set out to learn more about the impediments to sharing my extraordinary, hard-earned, wisdom.

Emphasizing again, because so much of my life has been so unbelievably extreme, in good and bad, I have been unable to share important lessons with far too many people. Obviously one of the biggest resistance to living within reality is the growing epidemic of media-indoctrination of "I am supposed to hate this, I am supposed to hate that" mindsets. Fortunately there are also Earth and Universe-connected people that are able to detect hate and ego-powered undertones of close-mindedness.


I was forced to become a world-class overcomer almost from the day I was born. I had several near-death experiences, suffered un-diagnosable chronic illnesses, and many, many, traumatic long-term episodes. Yet, throughout the decades of such, no one seemed to care about my suffering of any kinds. No one seemed to care that my father abandoned me into homelessness and hard-labor slavery.

Except, one down-to-earth, very kind and classy family entered my life during my late middle age, at a time when I just wanted to die from a big variety of pain. Those new "out of the blue" friends coached and supported me in many different ways. They did so for many years to help me recover from toxin-caused chronic illnesses. Therefore I am now in far better health than more than sixty percent of Americans of any age group. While the numbers of permanently sick are growing every year, I have become a very happy, healthy, feisty, old, man.

An old happy and healthy man during an era when evermore people are quickly mutating downwards physically, emotionally and spiritually. You may want to stop and think about that sentence again. Hopefully you are still well enough to think well enough to ask me a lot of questions.

Reflect on this: In great contrast, most brain-fogged people, and that includes most everyone to various degrees. That is causing many of them to rather die than to learn about the true reality that might also help them to become well. I claim that probability because I traveled by my very lonely self on that path of uncountable seemingly impossible tortures of many kinds. Therefore, most people are doing so. Especially if they have genuine sources of knowledge and support structure. Therefore I created this web site in the hope that it will inspire and also help you to achieve the best of health.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Beginning when I was only a baby I was forced to endure some of the most despicable and worst deeds that pscho and sociopaths brought about, World War II and its aftermath.

However, during the many years of the national transition back towards a functioning society, my life became worse. A lot worse! My parents kept continuing their ongoing war with each other. They did not seem to care that they were causing daily minute by minute terror and torture of an unbelievable kind for their little children.

I do not know when Mother and Father first separated and began to viciously fight each other. Their hatefulness was unrelenting and without a hiatus. They employed the "services" of more than a two dozen lawyers and judges. For more than a dozen years. It was merely their inflexible traits of ego, hedonism, laziness, etc., that were the main causes of their destructive conflicts. Therefore, most suffering of my acid-dipped "family" could have been prevented.

If there was a brief hiatus of my physical suffering, I naturally continued to have constant anxiety about an unknown, pain-filled, future. Therefore, it is a true miracle that I became a multi-faceted paradox. I developed  almost entirely into the exact opposite persona of what was expected. Even up to becoming an invited long-time spiritual care volunteer.

In spite of  many years of world-class miseries I eventually worked myself towards gaining the best of all possessions: Excellent health and happiness, plus several unusual spiritual blessings. To emphasize again, I triumphed without any aid and support from anyone. No one was there to mentor me. I was able to triumph in spite of failing supportive systems and deep-seated ill will and resistance from many people to whatever I was doing for myself, which was almost nothing. Such helped power my incentives to share my health and wellness lessons.

During my grade school years teachers and others told me that I was dumb. They convinced me that I was the dumbest kid in school. That persistent feeling became self-fulfilling. I had to repeat all courses of one entire school year. So dumb that I flunked out of school after the fifth grade because of very poor academic performance.

Or was I only dumb because I had stinky pus running out of one ear, 24/7, that I kept wiping off with an all-purpose crusty handkerchief that could only rarely be laundered?

Was I dumb because I rarely talked; just shrugged my shoulders and mumbled?

Was I dumb because my mind was shut down by emotional depression?

Was I dumb because I always stared into people's eyes, even though depressed people do not do that? My stare made some of them nervous, especially my rarely-seen father.

Why oh why?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

During my sixtieth decade of survival, without telling me what he was looking for, an MD of Integrative Medicine tested me to have a high intuition. He concluded: "That frustrates you greatly." Within the next breath I responded: "Tell me about it!" For me that intuition has often been a blessing-curse, because I learned a huge amount of wellness knowledge the healed me from HCDD, but which far too many people refuse to know.

My blessing-curse, empathy for others, has caused me trying to share my absolute have-to-know wellness wisdom regardless of negative reactions. Most people still cannot acknowledge the exponential growth of numbers of people having or will be getting some of the growing numbers of chronic illnesses. Illnesses that were mostly preventable and reversible before the "point of no return" from human collapse diseases/disorder (HCDD.)

Why oh why not?

My wisdom comes from deepest pains in very deep trenches. Improbable recoveries from long-term slowly advancing HCDD proved that my knowledge about wellness is not hypothetical. It is the hardest kind of knowledge to come by. It cannot be learned from books but only through spiritually-guided experiences. Besides "hands-on" experiences, I have always been obsessively curious about many things all of my life. My sixth sense subconsciousness seems to store information that might be important in the future. Even my mother wrote about that trait when I was only about five years old.

Obviously my urge for learning caused me to read or write something almost every day. Whenever I cannot do that by the end of the day, I feel like I missed an important part of my life. I even have perused many a telephone book when there were no other publications available in boring places where I had wait. Phone books taught me about communities, people, activities and more. Many of my broadly-diversified discoveries in "book-learning" have confirmed my wisdom and several spiritual blessings.

My perceptions of worldly and spiritual reality are often been very different from other people's. That can cause conflicts, which I want to avoid. Therefore, with little forethought, to learn being able to communicate with as many people as possibly I set out to write this article.

The population was certainly a lot happier and satisfied several generations ago, even though most people were much poorer and had to work much harder. There were also interacting with each other much more than today. That difference is yet another reason why I want to discover  why I keep  being ignored, loudly interrupted and opposed. Sometimes even before I finish the first sentence about simple ordinary subjects.

In my search for verifiable knowledge I became astounded about the negative psychological traits that seem to be blocking present-day congenial social interaction or interest in learning much about anything.

Too many people refuse to even begin to listen to what I have to share. That also includes  chronically ill people who could benefit a lot from what I learned from my extraordinary dying and recovery journey. I try to peak their interest by telling them that I recovered from five dozen plus (60+) symptoms, conditions and chronic illnesses. And I did so in spite of the medical establishment. Even those shocking statements draw very little attention.

So, why am I concerned about not being able to share my unique wellness wisdom? That can best be answered with a tiny glimpse of my improbable dying and living. Better yet, presently  I am eighty years old and cannot be in better all-around health. Without pills.

Few people know that there are now many epidemics of chronic illnesses devastating the Western world; especially America. Most people also do not seem to know that most medicines might only be masking pains and other conditions. They cannot heal because they are not addressing the causes of illnesses. Am guessing that most patients also do not read about the many risks of side-effects of the drugs they are taking, or they go into denial about such. Therefore they are somewhat to blame for not being able to heal.

During my decades-long struggles I had to maintain myself through many trials and errors. I gained a lot of even very secret life-saving health and wellness knowledge through personal experiences that cannot be learned in any other way.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now some brief descriptions of very few experiences to give you some insight about how serious mine have been. The hateful and self-serving activities of my parents were the causes of my decades-long suffering! When we were teenagers they sent my brother and me into hard-labor slavery 6,000 miles from home.

Abusive hard-labor slavery with not enough to eat. Because we had absolutely no hope for our future I remained  always in a passive state of mind. Like I had always been since my babyhood..

Before I was finally crawl to the starting line of life, I had only two choices, to kill somebody, most likely myself, or keep crawling out of hell-on-earth. Of course, my mistreatments caused some life-long after-effects. But miraculously, some of them are the opposite of what psychiatrists and the general public would have expected. I became a paradox by gradually becoming supernatural.

Here you can learn one of the biggest reasons for my paradoxical nature. I intuitively seem to pay attention to a lot more things than most people. The evidence of that is the content of the most important page on my web site. It has a partial list of major epidemics of modern-day chronic illnesses.

That page also has a description and a list of my slow-burn dying from undiagnosed chronic illnesses, and a glimpse about my improbable recovery to total wellness. That shows that no matter in what shape you might be, you may be encouraged to patiently try to recover from seemingly impossible conditions.

I created that page as a present for you, to help you to achieve the same. Most likely that page has some of the most important information about wellness that you cannot find anywhere else.

I died from a sunstroke when I was a baby. Before I was five years old, I almost died several more times. There were no antibiotics available yet to help cure my different infections. That includes the beginning of my decades-long serious ear infection.

When I was a twenty years old I was forced to live alone in damp, cold, isolated, mud-stuck, dumpy shack, with lots of mice, and highly "unstable dynamite" under my bed. And without the most important means for human survival: An outhouse. With the worst yet to came.

Years later my life became more painful than ever. During my middle-age I was one of the few people who was able to recover again from an unknown number of un-diagnosable, "very serious," modern-day, chronic illnesses. I did so in spite of unnecessary and inappropriate treatments by "experts."

Only much later in life did I realize that I also had received many great blessings along the way. That is why I feel a yearning to share my paradoxical lessons with others. So that they may benefit from my hard-earned wisdom.

However, not enough people, especially very sick ones, have paid much attention to the true and specific knowledge that such wisdom-blessed people and I have to share. That invokes the adage, "Those who will not hear, will be made to feel."

To emphasize again: About 60% of Americans now have stealthy chronic illnesses. Many of them do not know the causes. Many think having illnesses is normal, of just aging. My experiences proved those ideas to be very wrong.

Therefore I feel compelled to share my wellness wisdom to help maintain or regain your wellness.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It might be obvious to long-time observers that over the last few decades people have had fewer and fewer personal interactions. Objective discussions about almost any subject seem to have practically come to a standstill. An almost total public silence has allowed hundreds of kinds of chronic illnesses emerge and grow into national epidemics. Causing many millions of premature very dead people. Few people seem to know or even care. Such ignorance was verified by my small local poll on a social media site. One-hundred percent of its respondents said that our present generation is healthier than any previous generations.

The belief that we are healthier than ever is the exact opposite of the theme of the 2018 documentary, "Generation Zapped."

Zapping has also been causing psychological illnesses. Compare the following simple example of our worsening national depressing mindset with that of several generations ago. In a letter by one of my Rhine River Valley relatives, he was reflecting back to before World War II. That included the statement: "It was rare when people came to our house and did not sit down to visit with us over a glass of wine." They obviously had a lot to talk about, and did so freely, even in that poor isolated village during the very stressful time of hyperinflation and new Nazi regime.

A god in Greek mythology gave the gift of prophecy to the beautiful woman, Cassandra. Thereafter he cursed her so that no one would ever believe her again. The following list describes some causes of my Cassandra Syndrome-like curse in addition to the ones I talked about above. It is by no means complete or in a particular order.

1.    Social isolation, fractured relationships of denatured people in "advanced countries" have been among many kinds of growing and very evident epidemics.

2.    The most serious epidemic must be the broken brain epidemic. If one cannot think well, one cannot maintain the best of health and also cannot perform many things as well as required. If you are an older adult and do not notice broken-brain activities or situations almost daily, then you may have such a condition.

I know this all too well, because I used to have many episodes of brain fog of various intensities and durations. Each episode could have been caused by any kind of even brief exposure of bad air, food, water and skin absorption. Some were brief, while others lasted for many months. Of course, this entire subject is very complex, because there are also many, many, other interacting causes..

 I am fortunate that I learned how to mostly prevent or greatly reduce my fuzzy thinking. Now I have to laugh, and sometimes cry, about the results, effects, of broken brain "thinking" of the modern-day oddities of human appearances, behavior, reporting, creations, etc., which I encounter every day, no matter wherever I go.

The most noticeable results of fuzzy thinking are lacking recall, halting speech, lack of new ideas, cognition, comprehension, etc. The deterioration of communication caused by such result in additional frustration and confusion for speakers and listeners alike. And can even be responsible for "kill the messenger" attitudes towards those who speak about uncornfortable truth.

My many years of research do verify that far too many people also have brain cramps and fuzzy thinking. Worse yet, during some of my personal episodes of unknown durations I was not really aware that I was not thinking at peak levels. That caused me to do stupid things. But I did sometimes wonder why I was forgetting ingrained habits; like taking back my credit card after paying for purchases.

In today's troubled world it is important question everything. If one cannot think clearly, one might not be able to recognize even very obvious serious dangers.

As an example: For years no health expert, nor I, questioned the causes of my very slow accumulation of dozens of "just aging" symptoms. Those ranged from mild to severe physical conditions. In other words, not noting the timing and simple questioning of "connecting dots" of various symptoms delayed my reversal to better health for many years. For example, After I was diagnosed with arsenic poisoning, I searched online for its symptoms. It did not take long that my thick skin heal cracks that sometimes bled was one indication of that unnatural body toxin.

The worst aspect of my slow dying was that not one person believed that I was deathly sick. That might be so because nowadays most people have similar sickness symptoms as compared of those I remember from my younger years. Worse yet, telling one person that I felt like I was going to die resulted in an angry "Get over it" response.

3.    It might be stressfully obvious to some old-timers that we have become a "this vs. that" culture. Far too little attention is given to what absolutes might be the reality between fixated assumptions about certainties. But for some reasons almost all of the experienced wisest people  are keeping quiet about almost all major subjects that need to be known.

Why is that so? And why am I not keeping quiet?

I can usually automatically see a lot more options and possibilities that lie in between the "us vs. them" extremes that might make a lot more sense. "There is often more than one way to skin a cat" methods requiring discussions to arrive at the best solutions to problems. That includes global peace and wellness.

A side note: My mother once peeled a road kill cat off the pavement to feed her children.

A quote about "us vs. them" people from an expert with the High Conflict Institute: Time after time, they argue against feedback, regardless of how helpful and truthful it may be.

You may know them as the "yeah but" persons rejecting outright much of whatever you are saying. My own most important knowledge can be proven to be very real. It is taught from books in very few universities. Yet, some people who have known me for years have witnessed my declining health and total recovery over a decade keep rejecting that wisdom that would help them.

It is not surprising that the "yea but, us vs. them" mindset is inherent in the largest population group, chronically sick people. They have a tendency to be attracted to massive psychologically-targeted  "marketing" ploys, with which everyone is bombarded every day.

Man-caused wellness disorders began emerging many decades ago. Many have now grown into epidemics and pandemics. One of the most serious ones, which is not easily recognized, not even by its victims, is the Broken Brain epidemic. How can I be so sure? I used to have episodes of various intensities of such. That caused me to be less efficient in many tasks. When it was mild and vague I was not really aware of it, but sometimes I would feel lost, less creative and productive, and downright apathetic.

Now that my brain, mind and intuition are often functioning together at higher levels, I detect the results and activities of  broken brains almost everywhere. Therefore, it could be said that my neck is stiff from shaking, my head is sore from disbelief. Actually such daily recognitions would be terrifying to me if I could still be terrified by anything. Just that by itself convinces me of the quickening of HCDD that I already foresaw more than a dozen years ago.

Therefore, for me to have meaningful relationships with almost anyone during our present era I have to choose sides in "them vs. us" broken brain battles. There is no easy way of getting around that, because irrationality precludes lengthier objective discussions. To be friends with fixed mindsets might require being agreeable on many subjects. Even if I really disagree. That makes me feel uncomfortable and disingenuous. Worse yet, on a national and even global level, that reduces the ability to reach fair and peaceful problem-solving agreements, enterprises, etc., to slow down the global slide into near-oblivion.

For me, having to frequently "bite my tongue" has been especially emotionally burdensome because of my spirit-guided "outsider" perceptions. Essentially that is the subject of an article in Psychology Today:

Another common side effect is that (near-death) experiencers can become highly intuitive and often report an increase in perceived psychic experiences, including telepathy (knowing what someone is thinking and feeling) and precognition (knowing when something is going to happen before it does.)

4.    For decades I was forced to exist in a bizarre, brutal, reality. It was exclusively caused by other people from the beginning of my life. I was abused and abandoned by my parents. But worst of all, all other individuals and organizations whose moral and legal duties were to protect my safety and legal rights actually prolonged and intensified my suffering. Needless to say, all of that created life-long effects on me.

In addition being depressed and helpless, I never had one mentor to guide me or counsel me. I felt almost permanently very lonesome by not having any emotional support, a shoulder to cry on. I had to learn many life lessons in the hardest way possible, through trials and errors. Surprisingly, in the long run some of them resulted into many real benefits for me. Making mistakes did burn unforgettable uniquely valuable and useful lessons into my mind.

Like for example, this mistake caused me to strafe within a hair's breadth of being crushed to death. I had fastened an old thoroughbred saddle onto the back of a quarterhorse. While I was standing in front of him to adjust his bridle, he suddenly leaped forward and smashed me to the ground. Then, screaming with fear, his saddle hanging under his belly, he bucked and kicked over the top of me, lengthwise. But never touched me.

My nearby wife could not scream. Must have had a spiritual vision of me being a squashed bug.

My dead-or-alive action perspective, with eyes pressed shut, probably strengthened my already strong subconscious hypervigilance.

That accident was also the big trigger to open my mind to my past life for the first time. While I was reflecting back, I realized that for many years my only choices had always been to suffer terror and torture, lonesome, quietly and patiently. Or die violently. Not choosing the later, no matter what, miraculously helped to create an unusual toughness of mind.

5.    Independent world travels, being immersed in diverse cultures, educational systems and social levels also gave me a much broader than average Weltanschauung, perception of the world.

6.    Intrapersonal and interpersonal conflicts also arise from the desire to remain in one's comfort zone. Growing up during World War II, and its years of horrendous aftermath, allowed me only very few brief such moments. Those were mostly spending time outdoors and being very close to and in nature. I became fascinated by bees and considered them to be my close friends.

When one grows up with nature, it makes one happier and keeps one in wonderment. However, to get into that state of connection is probably not possible anymore for most people. They depend and feel too comfortable being in "progress," which  has caused poisoned bodies and minds. And worse, "progress" has also been destroying and mutating most living beings on earth.

Quote from Psychology Today: After decades of experience as a therapist I came to realize that the reason it's so difficult to change (beliefs) is because everyone struggles with both their habits and their beliefs. Habits are all the things you do to stay comfortable and reduce anxiety.

7.    Other causes of fixed beliefs and antagonism might come from peer pressure, repetitiveness of popular falsehoods, years of coaching, specific multi-million dollar "marketing, infomercials, internal or external sponsorships." And from your favorite mind master control methods of uncountable unknown of influences into which your mind unwittingly gets solidly locked into. Some of which you would not, could not, believe to be possible.

How can you discern which ones of your beliefs are based on irrefutable facts, or are indoctrinated falsehoods? There are more misleading and fake reality on the Internet than honest and true useful ones. How is your ability of discernment?

8.    Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood let alone believed by the masses.
~ Plato
It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.
~ Albert Einstein

9.    I probably also test the patience of some listeners with my monotone, slow manner of speaking. Such may have been at least partly caused by my severe illnesses as a baby or toddler. A doctor thought that I might never be able to walk again, and that I had become "an idiot." That may be why one of my grade school teachers also gave me a new handle that stuck to me for several years: "LL, Long Line. With knots"

I had to learn several languages during my early years. That can send additional subtle confusing signals to listeners that do not match those of native English speakers. Such mismatches might even be causing subconscious distrust about me or my message..

That I am not always correctly understood was demonstrated while I was I was spending several hours with a man who was totally deaf. He told me that he could read lips, but not mine. We decided that some of my mouth, lip and tongue movements and my mannerism might not reflect any specific culture or language. Also, when people ask me, where are you from, I asked them to guess. That has resulted in some diverse to me humorous answers that were not even close to were I originated.

10.   The quieter you become, the more you can hear. ~ Ram Dass

During my growing years I was very shy and intimidated. I did not think nor talk much. I frequently just mumbled "dunno" or shrugged shoulders. I spoke slowly, haltingly and sometimes used words other than the ones I had intended. And when I was in one of my frequent anxiety or fright situations I stuttered. And that could be something as benign as a teacher calling on me in class. Naturally, therefore some people thought that I was dumb and told me so. Some of them still thinks that I am an idiot. Obviously, people do not want to listen to idiots.

There were very few distractions in our quiet peaceful village. No motorized vehicles, organized sports and clubs, no mind escapism means other than spending a lot of time outdoors, deeply connected with nature. That meant being still, relaxed, listening, watching and observing whatever caught my curiosity. Very few people, except maybe the old and ancient ones, knew that being in lush green nature actually boosts their emotional wellness. That is enhanced by being  grounded.

Being well, happy and grounded, being filled with the sun's and earth's healing helps to be friendly, considerate and connected with other people. Being in tune with each other, helps to understand each other. Modern people have become far removed from such a natural state. Such a state is even necessary for long-term survival of our specie.

The other two distractions for us children to spontaneously play together and mostly outdoors. Every day we played with each other and that required respect for one another. And when we fought each other, we soon forgot about it, and played again together.  And we always did all of that without adult supervision or concerns about being free spirit who might get themselves into big trouble..

To stay away from depressed, angered World War II adults as much as possible, I often strolled and ambled about, wondering, without intentional thinking, without aims. Like spiritual "walkabouts, a state of "walking meditation." Hoping what I might discover anything that would stimulate my imagination or entertain me. When I found such my mind would dwell on that in wonderment. I often wanted to learn its how's, why's, for what purpose, etc.  During those times I felt at peace in a peaceful world of wonders. That state of wandering, wondering, non-thinking, semi-dreaming, became more or less my life-long habit.

That habit also includes virtual wanderings by reading any kind of publications for which I have time. I peruse them in any place while I happen to have nothing else to do. My curiosity has caused me look through the listings  in many phone books while hanging around in hotel rooms. My constant semi or complete "meditations," not making plans, and making last-minute decisions keep driving my wife "nuts." Sometimes also because  of "the best laid plans of mice and men."

An example of  my current virtual wanderings are concurrently reading, in spurts, as I get time, between 12 to 20 books. Every day I also look or peruse several other kinds of publications to which I subscribe. Except having an interesting experience, if I fail to read or write something on any given day, I do no feel fulfilled by the end of that day.

The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.
~ Einstein

11.   Another big reason why people might reject my ideas, observations and verifiable knowledge is that very few of them have come back from multiple childhood near deaths. Near-death experiences have been recorded over many centuries. More recently, many studies have confirmed that those who return from dying can have different, similar and very positive after-effects for their remaining years on earth. My biggest after-effect is becoming supernatural. Merriam-Webster: departing from what is usual or normal especially so as to appear to transcend the laws of nature.

My babyhood near-death experiences (NDE), and patient, painful and long-term, endurance rewarded me some extraordinary blessings. One of them is receiving spiritual-intuitive connections, insights and flashes of thoughts about diverse subjects. Sometimes I thought them to be so absurd that I rejected them as never being or ever coming into existence.

12. This revelation may blow you away. There exist a parallel universe(s). To understand that is to have some understanding of quantum physics. A Google search for "parallel universe" returned an astounding number of 354,000,000 links. That could explain something about the wildly opposing differences in perception of how people see our world. That may also a major cause of conflicts between individuals, religions and a cause of wars.

It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.
~ Mark Twain

13. A national and growing epidemic of narcissism that is probably encouraged by item number 14 below.

14. Digitally-connected-ego-fear-virtual-fantasies mind-controlled population of slaves are being kept in almost inescapable virtual prisons. Many of them are even think that they are free, in the freest country on earth. I know that to be possible, because I was a very abused hard-labor teenage slave without a iron ball and chain. I was not enough aware of my captiity I submitted myself to my self-professed runted masters to be their slave without a thought of my state of existance. Without barely a conscious thought of rebellion or even passive restistance.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I hope that a have given you enough reasons that will convince you why some people are antagonistic to what I say to them. And can be persistently so to whatever the subject might be. Sometime they respond with verbal attacks on my persona, totally bypassing the talking points.

Most worrisome, those who have chronic illness, HCDD, might also interrupt me with great intensity when I want to share valuable lessons from my own highly improbable wellness journey.

David McRaney describes such reactions:

Once something is added to your collection of beliefs, you protect it from harm. You do this instinctively and unconsciously when confronted with attitude-inconsistent information. Just as confirmation bias shields you when you actively seek information, the backfire effect defends you when the information seeks you, when it blindsides you.
Coming or going, you stick to your beliefs instead of questioning them. When someone tries to correct you, tries to dilute your misconceptions, it backfires and strengthens those misconceptions instead. Over time, the backfire effect makes you less skeptical of those things that allow you to continue seeing your beliefs and attitudes as true and proper.

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