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Preface to the Gripping True Story of Triumph

from Herman's Memoir
Heroes from the Attic:
A Gripping True Story of Traumas and Triumphs

Note: Some chapters of my memoir, Heroes from the Attic, have been omitted on this Website. The others are edited and abridged versions of printed editions.

I never did give anyone hell. I just told the truth and they thought it was hell.
~ President Harry S. Truman

Do you sometimes feel hopeless? Overstressed? If so, let my personal story give you inspiration and courage. Do not be saddened by my traumatic beginning, because I have received many blessings there from.

Herman I Neuman, sixty-five years beyond his fifth life expectancy. It gives me great satisfaction that my life story inspires my readers and audiences. It has helped them find courage to deal with their own problems. This is more achievable than you might think, because it is like Dr. Marjorie Brockman concluded after reading Heroes for the Attic: "The human potential seems to be infinite!"

Although I had to overcome many unbelievable adversities during the first two dozen years of my life, I never wanted to write this memoir. I had rarely thought about my past and felt that I would not have the emotional stamina to do so now. But something had changed in me, because I had slowly banished most ghosts from my soul, and together with my wife, have built a fantastic life.

My little brother, Siggi, and I existed on a subhuman level for about two decades before we managed to claw ourselves to the starting line of life. We kept up the momentum of our slow rise from an abyss to soar into high orbit. Because we were physically and emotionally so intensely traumatized, for so long, so early in life, and without one mentor, many people cannot believe that we are still sane or even alive.

I did not embellish my discourse with fiction, but only balanced the intensity of our drama with a little corrosive humor. Embellishment would detract from our experiences that had been so unusual in themselves. Even though no words can adequately describe them, I did not want to distort the truth, because it would trivialize our suffering and our triumphs, Siggi's and mine.

Regardless of what caused our tribulations, Siggi’s and mine, they would not have lasted nearly so long, if we could have received justice under the law. But we could not, and also because our parents murdered our family by tearing chunks from our souls. However, after many years of unrelenting patience and self-discipline, Siggi and I clawed ourselves out of our abyss to climb to the tops of high mountains.

We worked our way through college, and not long thereafter, traveled the world. Some of my globetrotting adventures with my new wife are also recounted herein.

* * *

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