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Man can hardly even recognize the devils of his own creation.
Man has lost the capacity to foresee and to forestall. He will end by destroying the earth.

~ Albert Schweitzer

The only thing we have to fear is ourselves.
~ Herman I Neuman

Everyday chemicals are contributing to  Human Collapse Disorder (HCDD). Therefore, the human race is rapidly mutating into chaos and despair. The Disappearing Male documentary and books like Dr. Doris Rapp's Our Toxic World: A Wake Up Call, prove we are destroying ourselves. Pervasive environmental pollution is the biggest root cause for this intensifying development, political diatribe notwithstanding. The extent of man-made toxins to which most people are being exposed is exemplified by my personal experiences, which are described further down on this page.

The outside of the back cover of Dr. Rapp's book states:

"The higher the chemical levels in their bodies, the smaller the genitals. Up to 85% of males can be ineligible as sperm donors. Sperm count averages have dropped from 125 million/ml in 1932 to 50 million/ml in 1998. Many wonder if men will be sterile in seventy years."

Mega Manure-y Factory Confined Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO)How many tons of poop are produced everyday in this facility? How many flies would result if there were no "proprietary pesticide management?" How many people will lose years of life because of such secretive "management?"

According to laws in some states, the chemicals used to control such pests do not have to be made public. Why?

Such practices and secrecy contribute to the causes of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, MCS, that has become a worldwide heath crisis!

In addition to my obvious Deadly Encounter, I also have had many other potentially life-threatening but mostly invisible encounters: Man-made chemicals and natural hazardous substances that are being dispersed by mankind's activities. Poisons are almost everywhere, even in unexpected places such as baby buggies and "health foods." There are now hundreds of thousands of man-made chemicals, and only a small percentage of them have been tested for toxicity. And combining any two of "harmless" ones, can bring about unpleasant results. Bacterial interactions with some of these chemicals can further complicate matters.

Scientific research by Martin Pall shows that the causes of multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) and other modern-day illnesses are real and not just a "psychological phenomenon". People do become sensitized by a one-time large exposure or through long-term low level exposures of multitudes of  man-made and even natural substances. This is because a person's immune system can no longer resist and repair the damage done by various toxins. This may be because or why the immune system of the average American has been on a steady decline for many years. When a person becomes sensitized to one substance, one can then become sensitized to other chemicals, including even everyday foods and medicines.

The following are some of the common chemicals, WMDs*, which I have been able recall to which I have been exposed during my lifetime, and this shows that our world is indeed very polluted:

Breathing Toxic cabin air during international flights
Breathing fumes from a broken fluorescent screw-you in light bulb
Breathing fumes from a chemical reaction between chromium, chlorine and copper
Years of frequent exposures to dryer sheets
Years of intermittent breathing "sanitized" air in Hombres restrooms
Unknown hazardous substances in unexpected places
Long-term breathing of carbon monoxide and radioactive indoor air
Smoke from burning, smoldering rubble of abandoned chicken farm
Probable breathing of methamphetamine production fumes
Breathing manure-enhanced air
Receiving mercury injections and mercury-laden air
Crawling round in a vermiculite-insulated attic
Sleeping in a moldy bedroom
Breathing clouds of mold
Breathing clouds of asbestos
Living in radiation "hot spot"
Growing up in a dioxin-polluted environment
Fluoride from toothpaste, air, drinking water and food
Breathing coal dust and smoke
Using multitudes of hygiene products
Soda drinks
Playing with beads of mercury
Smoke and soot
Blowing silica sand
Smoke from burning cities
Love potion Number 9 - Manure chlorine concentrate
Toxic paint fume breathing and skinny dipping
Breathing kerosene soot, carbon monoxide, radioactivity and heating oil fumes
Breathing candle soot
Corpse-creating and preserving formaldehyde and many other poisons
Corpse-creating wood preservative
Poisonous spray bombers
Mouth full of leaded gasoline
Ultimate long-term mass denial, stupidity: Office air contaminated with potpourri of fiberglass, methylene chloride, formaldehyde, paint fumes, cigarette smoke, vigorous flatulence and more
Drinking raw mastitis, manure, bacteria, cow pee and chlorine-enhanced milk
Undoubtedly many unknown lead exposures in many unexpected places

Are you still wondering where the so-called Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)* might be? You may be shocked to learn that they are nearer to you than you may think. You can visit planetthrive to learn from a few of such victims, and you can also study this amazing new publication, The Farmacists Desk Reference. It will help educate you how to stay healthy.

Some such chemicals of mass destruction (CMD) almost killed one of my good friends and also poisoned her family to a lesser extent. Because of the nature of chemical poisonings, she even became sensitized to everyday chemicals. Eventually she could not even tolerate antibiotics, painkillers and almost all foods. Over several years, to keep from dying slowly and extremely painfully from mostly modern-day diseases, she spent many months as a patient in several hospitals and visited many doctors. Her high intelligence, intuition, skepticism, and determined research is largely responsible that she has partly recovered to the point that she can live at home again. But she will always be mostly house-bound and has to avoid situations and substances to which she is still sensitized. That is, until an unexpected miracle, or miracle discoveries, may completely heal her again.

This is what my friend published about her experiences:


'Harmless' Chemicals added to Sicknesses

...there are coordinated efforts in medical research as pioneering doctors are finding root causes of illness. (See the book, "Is This Your Child?" by Dr. Doris Rapp.) Thousands of chronically ill are finally finding help through private research of Environmental Medicine Specialists, a highly-trained, worldwide group of doctors of various backgrounds like surgeons, allergists, neurologists, internists, psychologists, etc. (See referrals

Thanks to much research, doctors now recognize such maladies as asthma, autism, headaches, ADHD, Tourette's, Crohn's, irritable bowel, colitis, chronic fatigue, arthritis of all kinds, lupus, fibromyalgia, hives, rashes, eczema, sinusitis, fatigue, joint aches, depression, mood swings, sleep disturbances, vascular abnormalities, chronic infections, and neurological disorders may be caused by environmentally triggered factors. In other words, the simplest things in your environment, everything you eat, breath or touch can cause a more diverse range of problems than you could ever imagine because different organs are affected and symptoms may be delayed.

I owe my life to my parents, Dr. William Rea, Dallas, Texas, ( and Dr. W.A. Shrader, Santa Fe, N.M. (, who are busy helping thousands like me recover from so-called harmless chemicals. My system eventually rejected all food, vitamins, medications and inhalants. Symptoms included vision problems, anaphylaxis, learning and memory difficulties, rashes, behavioral changes, mood swings, headaches, migraines, arrhythmia, chest pain, chronic infections, seizures, fevers, dizziness, cloudy thinking, fatigue, blisters, neurological problems, severe joint and muscle aches, to name just a few!

Countless doctors tried to help, but my condition worsened. Finally, the mystery to my illness was solved: toxicology reports showed high levels of mercury, DDT/E, other chlorinated pesticides, volatile organic solvents and formaldehyde.

Rea explained, "With chemical overload, the body's detoxification pathways can become exhausted, permitting abnormal reactions to foods and chemicals, e.g., perfume, cigarette smoke, car exhaust, newsprint, cleaning chemicals, etc." (See Rea's articles and books, All patients' lab results share in common the following: suppressed T and B lymphocytes, food and chemical sensitivities, high chemical blood levels, brain scans (SPECT) show chemical damage, magnesium and digestion enzyme deficiencies. Rea has saved 30,000 (including me!) by his preservative-free immunotherapy methods and cutting-edge technology at a highly specialized Dallas-based medical clinic, The Environmental Health Center.


Because of what I have learned from her and her family, together with my personal experiences and extensive research about environmental illnesses, I have become absolutely convinced that we all must pay close attention that we do not eat Frankenfoods  that mutate us into Frankensteins.

That means you and me. And what you will learn on this page should convince you why it is extremely important to your well-being to look out for your own health.

Doctor Al Levin, an immunologist who has followed multiple chemical sensitivity, environmental illness (MCS, EI) patients for over two decades, claims that such patients have a fifty-one percent chance to getting cancer or other autoimmune disease. This applies to patients who do not get healed of MCS. In many cases healing means further avoidance of substances to which one has become sensitized. Without extensive tests, no one knows what his or here total body exposure has been, nor how close one is in reaching one's MCS threshold. Once that threshold is reached, serious illness can develop. If you have re-occurring possible allergies symptoms such as a drippy nose or headaches for example, it behooves you to you study the valuable information at the American Environmental Health Foundation, Doris Rapp, MD,  and a lot of other experts.

The Environmental Working Group shows the pervasiveness and seriousness of global chemical pollution:

"...researchers at two major laboratories found an average of 91 industrial compounds, pollutants and other chemicals in the blood and urine of nine volunteers, with a total of 167 chemicals found in the group. Like most of us, the people tested do not work with chemicals on the job and do not live near an industrial facility."

One of the world's great role models, Albert Schweitzer, (Humanitarian, doctor, missionary, theologian, organist) may have been correct, when he predicted decades ago that: "Man has lost the ability to foresee or forestall; he will end by destroying the earth." And in the meantime we can all point fingers at each other, while we are traveling together, to somewhere, in that proverbial hand basket.

And furthermore, Einstein told us the blunt truth: “The world we have made, as a result of the level of thinking we have done thus far, creates problems we cannot solve at the same level of thinking at which we created them.”

Like almost everyone else in the "developed" world, I was "developed," that is exposed to hundreds, if not thousands of hazardous matererials. For many years, unbeknownst to me, this sensitization has caused me physical and emotional stress in the form of getting evermore uncomfortable the longer I stayed in polluted enclosed spaces. Sometimes even to the point of "I'm drowning" panic. This discomfort first began some time after I started working in an office, which was located next to a body shop. Its paint fumes permeated its neighborhood on an almost daily basis. Therefore the office air in which I worked was often polluted, and my mind did not, or did not want to recognize that I was affected by sick building syndrome (SBS). No seemed to have realized yet that such even existed. Over the years I worked in other indoor spaces, which in hindsight I later realized were also located in what is now commonly called "sick buildings."

This Building Biology: Could your home or office be making you sick? article shows that Europe is far ahead of the United States in trying to cure SBS. During my last employment, I worked in an office for about a dozen years, which had been made airtight during the early-seventies energy crisis. Eventually I became so desperate for healthy air to breathe, that I even climbed onto its roof to investigate and discovered that the fresh-air intake louvers of all of its big air-handling units had been frozen in their shut position for years. All of their control motors had burned out years before. And even though I informed my bosses about this, these were not replaced for more than another long year.

Because of my frequent discomfort in this building, I have always felt compelled to find relief by going outdoors as much as possible. I mostly walked around town three times a day, during coffee breaks and lunch periods. I would feel much better outdoors, sometimes elated, even during 100+ degree heat or freezing blizzards.

Because polluted air cannot be seen, and no one else seemed to complain much about the office air, I assumed that my urge to stay out of this building was because of job stress or unpleasant co-workers and such. But eventually I slowly began to realize that there must also be other causes, when I began to feel the urge to prematurely leave even very important meetings in some other buildings, such as gymnasiums and restaurants.

Then one day in 2005, I accidentally discovered my long-sought-after answers in a short article in the Washington State Magazine, published by my alma mater, Washington State University. The research results and theories from experiments conducted by Barbara Sorg and others: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity(ies) (MCS) and other shocking biological discoveries. Multitudes of unnatural chemicals have already affected too many people and have the potential to eventually affect all mankind if the present trends continue.

Ms. Sorg has shown that MSC can be caused by a one-time large intake of one chemical or by low-level exposure over a longer period of time. And it can take an ever-lower exposure level to trigger MCS symptoms, and not only by the chemical which originally caused it, but also by many others.

After wondering for many years what had been causing his re-occurring physical and subsequent emotional problems, I suddenly realized from Dr. Sorg's research that I might have been sensitized to a number of chemicals which originally had never caused any symptoms in me. I discussed this with a physician, who knew little about such, and  could not verify that this might be the case. Or the causes of my symptoms. So I just continued to grin and bear it, while chirping the evermore-common "canary" warnings about sick buildings. Until the day I received an unexpected God-sent phone call from an MCS victim, who was saved from near-death poisoning and is having to struggle continuously to obtain a normal life again.

Since that phone call, I have visited this victim and her family many times. She recognized allergy symptoms in me, because she had suffered and researched illness symptoms and causes for years during her recovery struggle. She recommended that I should visit an MD specializing in complementary medicine, which had greatly helped her family to improve its health.  His diagnosis for me: I was loaded with arsenic, the king of poisons.

Even though there has been some controversy about the existence of MCS, Herman proved to himself that poorly ventilated buildings can have a very negative effect on him. This was just another proof that everyone needs to stay informed about environmental problems. And always strive for a healthier life-style. Gloria Gilbère, a very knowledgeable and recovered chemical exposure victim, a doctor of naturopathy and natural health, wrote a book, (get ready for its title) Invisible Illnesses - Non-Drug Solutions to Understanding and Reversing the Common Denominators in: Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Fibromyalgia, Allergic/Inflammatory Arthritis, Chronic Fatigue, Chemically Induced Immune System Disorders, Leaky Gut/Irritable Bowel/Colon Disorders, Prescription Drug Withdrawal Syndrome.

Even though there has been some controversy about the existence of MCS, Herman proved to himself that poorly ventilated buildings can have a very negative effect him. Another highly recommended book about the ongoing multiple chemical sensitivity controversy is Allergic to the Twentieth Century: The Explosion in Environmental Allergies - From Sick Buildings to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. It is a groundbreaking report from the medical front. Its author is Peter Radetsky, a contributing editor of Discover magazine, who teaches in the Science Communication Program at the University of California. The book's dust cover states: " is made painfully clear in the chilling case histories Radetsky sets forth, most doctors continue to dismiss this new sickness as psychosomatic  - and this is precisely what we can least afford to do. With more and more people contracting MCS each day, these victims may very well be, like the fabled canaries in the mines, harbingers of an environmental catastrophe that will overtake us all."

The results of many studies have lead to the enactments of many laws and guidelines to protect individuals from indoor chemicals, dusts and molds, which can cause anything from discomfort to severe health problems. These laws are too often ignored, because of denial, ignorance, greed or stupidity, and therefore, I had to suffer a lot.

As mentioned before, many people who know my background cannot believe that I am still alive. Below is only my listing of my mostly invisible and at times mind-boggling time-bomb-type encounters on my well-being. Most people are similarly assaulted by everyday chemicals, but may never realize that this is so, even up to the time of their death.

Below is a summary of some of my hazardous exposures, which I have so far identified:

Breathing fumes from a screw-you in fluorescent light bulb: I reached into an outdoor recessed soffit light to unscrew one of those low watt tubular light bulbs. I did not twist very hard before it shattered, showering me with glass and supposedly with mercury. This happened again with another such bulb. Since this article says that "Breaking a compact fluorescent light bulb could cost you $2,000 in toxic mercury cleanup," will I have to add this sum to my funeral costs because I became toxic waste?

Here are lengthy instructions by the Environmental Protection agency for cleaning up broken fluorescent light bulbs.

Breathing fumes from a chemical reaction between chlorine, chromium  and copper: I walked into a house, which had an unpleasant chemical smell. I began to feel uncomfortable and finally found the source of the problem. Someone was soaking some clothes in bleach in a sink. Later I discovered that this chlorine had "dissolved" some of the drain chromed brass.

Years of frequent exposures to DRYER SHEETS: And this article informs us of this ignorant and potentially dangerous practice. Considering my condition, will my wife understand this or will this lead to divorce?

Years of intermittent breathing "fresh-air" in Hombres restrooms: If the use of poisonous urinal deodorant  blocks is illegal to have in some buildings, why is such not illegal everywhere? Para-dichlorobenzene (PDCB) is a chlorinated benzene compound designated by the International Agency for Research on Cancer to be possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B). It is also a California Toxic Air Contaminant (TAC) and a federal Hazardous Air Pollutant. Humans are substantially exposed to this compound by breathing indoor air. Even so, it is still widely used primarily as the air freshener in toilet and urinal deodorant blocks and also as the main ingredient in mothballs.

Unknown hazardous substances in unexpected places: Many of my exposures to toxins came about, because I was unaware of their toxicity, or I thought that I handled them carefully. With many of them  I also stupidly assumed, that they were harmless, because they were purposely camouflaged by nice packaging and euphemistic labels. Other harmful substances were undoubtedly purposely hidden in the most unexpected places. Since I traveled around the world, and often on a very low budget, I undoubtedly was also exposed to by the frequent world-wide criminal practice of ocean dumping.

Long-term breathing of carbon monoxide and radioactive kerosene indoor air from a kerosene lantern: A representative of the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory recently informed me that pre-1970s kerosene lanterns mantles contain radioactive strontium/thorium. While my master required me to live in his dynamite shack, he generously provided me with kerosene lantern.

These results of a Google search show how dangerous such lanterns are, especially if used indoors.

Smoke from burning, smoldering rubble of abandoned chicken farm: Since we live in a somewhat confined valley, smoke sometimes tends to settle to its bottom during certain weather conditions. During the time I was recovering from the wonderful experience described directly below, a doctor determined that the most dominant toxin in my body was arsenic. I began my prolonged detoxifying process immediately, because arsenic has been called the "king of poisons" and I want to live many more years "to make friends and influence people."

And before anyone feels too smug, I regret to say that everyone has toxins in his or her body. That's why there are a growing number of books similar to Detoxify or Die.

It was only a few weeks after I almost recovered from this latest fumigating experience, I spent several hours daily outside in my yard. I noticed some rising smoke about a half mile away, but I did not pay any attention to it for two or three days. But I wondered why my throat was getting irritated in the afternoons and my nose evermore drippy as the days wore on. Then I realized what I might have been breathing burning ancient chicken manure, lead paint and who knows what else. Intuitively I Googled for "burning chicken manure arsenic" and found the answers. They include: "Chicken litter could potentially serve as an alternative energy source, something Silbergeld says could be dangerous. "If the levels of arsenic in waste are significant, burning it would be the worst thing to do."

And some "damned environmentalists" might complain about having to eat chickens spiced with arsenic.

Probable breathing of methamphetamine production fumes: Recently I was suddenly hit by an invisible cloud of air that smelled like rotten eggs. Over then ext few days, I began feeling ever-more rotten, and my fever went up to 103 degrees Fahrenheit with an abnormally low blood pressure. The doctor observed that the back of my throat was red, and that he was not sure what was causing my symptoms.
Since I cannot remember ever having had such high fever, or such low blood pressure, I wanted to learn what benefits I might have received from breathing something so disgusting. So I searched for methamphetamine rotten egg smell. Very interesting! I have not been able to verify what actually caused the fumes I suddenly had to breathe. But while this was happening, I also observed three or four other "coincidental and odd" activities in progress in the surrounding area during the time of my exposure.

Breathing manure-enhanced air: I was driving along a freeway through ever-greener pastures. Well, at least ever-deeper greener pastures. The wind was blowing strongly from one side. Suddenly a dark dust cloud blowing across the Interstate came into view, causing the traffic flow to come to a crawl. While I was trying to decide if it would be safer to slowly keep driving into the unknown or to pull off the roadway as far as possible, the air began to clear again. There it was, a giant bulldozer puffing black smoke, and seemingly out of control, was moving, pushing, loading, unloading, back and forth, a huge pile of very dry cow manure. It, the flying manure, and there not even a fan in sight, along with the Diesel exhaust, was causing a barrier to visibility on the freeway.
When I returned back from the other direction about an hour and a half later, this "dust" storm was still in progress. Wonder how many unsuspecting travelers ever had the once-in-a-lifetime experience of driving through such? The Perfect Manure Storm in every way: timing, impact, density, velocity, content, effects.

Receiving mercury injections and mercury-laden air: I received many vaccinations during my life, many of them to "protect" me from infectious diseases during his world travels. Paul Harvey recently broadcast that the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeon published a news release that some, if not most vaccines are preserved with mercury, which is a cumulative poison.

Crawling around in a vermiculite-filled attic: When I was a teenage slave, my master required me to crawl around in his attic that was insulated with this cancer-causing material. One of my good friends recently died of such asbestos-induced mesothelioma.

Sleeping in a very moldy bedroom: One of the "rooms" in which I had to live during my slavery days was built into my master's woodshed against a soggy hillside. One day for a reason unknown to me, my aunt decided to pull up the floor covering from its concrete floor. To our surprise, we exposed damp black and grayish mold which solidly covered the entire area.

Breathing clouds of mold: When I owned a herd of beef cows, I bought an uncovered forty-ton stack of hay. When I began to haul away the hay bales, I had to waste about half of them because they were too moldy.

Breathing clouds of asbestos: During the days of asbestos brake linings, I walked into a service shop to have my brakes adjusted. Too late did I realize that mechanics were merrily blowing the asbestos dust out of the brake mechanisms.
    Another time I walked unsuspectingly into a similar cloud in a building, where someone was grinding off old glued-on vinyl-asbestos type floor covering with a power grinder.  No one seemed to be aware, or cared, that they were greatly increasing their chances of getting lung cancer. This was years after it became illegal to sell products to the general public.

Living in radiation "hot spot: "Who said the "Cold War" is over? And we won? And simply did so by bankrupting the Soviet regime with escalating military spending? "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." I think. Well, I regret to inform, that the Cold War collateral damage is still continuing to kill many of us, and them, by the thousands. And in most miserable ways possible. Hardly a week or month goes by, when I don't learn about someone I know, who has had, or has cancer. Naturally, radiation is one of the many causes, and probably the main cause of this dreadful disease. That's why it is so satisfying to learn that I too lived for years in an area which The Hanford Health Information Network identified as a radiation "hot spot" during the time period of Hanford radiation releases.
    Its Website (no longer available) stated:
"Because of the secrecy surrounding nuclear weapons production, the public did not know much about Hanford's operational details until 1986. By February of that year, citizen pressure had forced the U.S. Department of Energy to release 19,000 pages of Hanford historical documents that had been previously unavailable to the public. These pages revealed there had been huge releases of radioactive materials into the environment that contaminated the Columbia River and more than 75,000 square miles of land. Many people were outraged at the four decades of secrecy and deception.1 They felt they had been betrayed by their own government. They demanded to know how the government could have kept such dangers secret for so long."

 Growing up in a dioxin-polluted environment: My "family" lived for more than ten years in a city with dynamite and aluminum factories. After World War II, the bomb craters in that city had been back-filled with hazardous chemicals-laden waste from those factories: "...The soils of the city Rheinfelden are heavily polluted by dioxins and heavy metals through soil material from uncontrolled waste disposals which were used after World War II to refill bomb craters and to remodel the townscape."
    "One thing is certain, exposure to Dioxins multiplies the chances of cancers, immune system disorders, liver problems, and a host of other complaints."
    In the late eighties, I visited this old neighborhood. The still vacant lot, near where we used to play, was cordoned off and with a warning sign that this was the most dioxin-polluted site in the world. Some one-hundred eighty-some feet deep. These factories also spewed such chemicals into the air to benefit every living being for miles around. Thank you.

Fluoride from toothpaste, air, drinking water and food (...and atom bomb production?) Apparently dioxin wasn't the only heath benefit these factories liberally spread around. My mother had at least one tooth, which had a brown spot embedded in it for as far back as I can remember. She told me that this was caused from the excessive fluoride emissions from these factories. She also said that some cows in that area had had fluoride poisoning and that trees had died.
Since I cannot remember ever having seen such blemishes on other people's teeth, I have always been wondering whether or not this was true. This Website about fluorides truly boggles the mind. The photos of dental fluorosis show the same discoloration like my mother's tooth, confirming that she had been correct. Dental fluorosis is the first clinical sign of fluoride poisoning, which, if not arrested, can  eventually lead to death.

Breathing coal dust and smoke: For about five years I commuted to school by trains, which were most frequently powered by coal-burning steam locomotives. The mount of smoke they could belch was unbelievable, and one could catch soot in the eye by sticking one's head out of a train window.

Using a multitude of pesticides, herbicides and household chemicals.

Using multitudes of personal hygiene products.

Soda drinks: Years ago I drank my first and only diet drink, which was sweetened with aspartame, and this sent me bouncing off the walls for about two hours. Even so, there are some claims that aspartame is not harmful. So this must mostly only be my problem.
    Drinking even one 12-ounce of sugared soda drink causes my whole body to feel uncomfortable. I believe that this may be caused by the excessive amount of it for me, since I grew up with very little of it. Some brands can contain up to 13 teaspoon of potential time-bombs. The proof of its addictive nature is that evermore people are consuming ever-greater amounts of it, even though many of them know about the very likely results of such long-term excesses.

Playing with beads of mercury from broken thermometers. Nowadays “HazMat” personnel get dressed in space-suit-like garbs to properly dispose of even such small quantities.

Smoke and soot from fireplaces, stoves, trash barrels, forests and range fires.

Blowing silica sand: I was working on construction site, where many bags of silica sand were used for sandblasting. For days such clouds were blowing across the jobsite. Even though I reported this situation in writing to my employer, my concerns were ignored. Again. (Denial is a human psychological mechanism, at times even to the point of dying.) The workers did not wear masks. Another time, just recently, I had to drive several times through a road construction area where a road crew was sandblasting off the existing pavement marking paint. Dust of wonderfully pure white silica blew all over the place. Silica dust can cause silicosis and other severe health problems.

Smoke from burning cities: During periods of liberating fire-bombings of Regensburg, home of the Messerschmidt airplane factory, I had to breathe the traditional aerial combustion potpourri from everything, including paints, wood, metals, digested matter, hair and other human parts, and probably also a lot of belly button fuzz.

Love potion number 9 - Water manure chlorine mixture: During two years of slavery I had to wash milking equipment, manure-plastered cow bellies and udders. To do so I had to dip my hands in high-concentration water-chlorine-manure broth for several hours each day. During the colder seasons, my fingers would split open like over-cooked wieners.

Smoking cigarettes and pipe for several years.

Toxic paint fume breathing and skinny dipping: Painting my master's houses with oil-based lead paint. I had to mix is paint thinners and clean my hands, paint equipment, spills and my hands with such. Staining and varnishing finish woodwork. Painting fences with creosote and other preservatives. Working for a couple of years in an in an office adjacent to a auto paint shop and sniffing fumes each working day. This gave me frequent headaches.

Breathing kerosene soot, carbon monoxide, radioactivity and heating oil fumes: Since I did not have electricity in the dynamite-charged shack in which I was forced to live, I used a kerosene lamp during the long winter evenings. Naturally, I must have breathed a lot of carbon monoxide and black soot, because the ceiling became black. In my naivety I did not learn for a long time thereafter, that for health reasons, this lamp was supposed to have been used only outdoors. Chimney sweepers, who are exposed to such soot, have a greater propensity to get prostate cancer.
A representative of the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory recently informed me that pre-1970s kerosene lanterns mantles contain radioactive strontium/thorium. It glows in the dark.

Breathing candle soot: During the one year when my mother, brother and I were squatting in a tiny room in an apartment attic without any utilities, we illuminated our dark evenings with a candle. Since we could not afford to go anywhere, we entertained ourselves by reading long hours by the light and wonderful soot of a single nearby candle.

Corpse-creating and preserving formaldehyde and many other poisons: Long-term breathing of formaldehyde and many other chemicals from newly glued down carpets. Even during their installations and forever thereafter, none of the windows in our office building could be opened, because they had been permanently sealed during a man-made energy crisis. And it was later determined that all of the fresh-air intakes to this building were also permanently frozen shut.
Since formaldehyde may cause cancer and other health problems maybe one reason why some of them might have wished that they had been paranoid and follow up on my incessant complaints.
Another time I worked in an area where a worker was disinfecting a farm truck by spraying it with concentrated formaldehyde. He could not read the instructions that if was to be diluted with water.

Corpse-creating wood preservatives: While working in a lumber mill, my hands were soaked repeatedly with a watery liquid, that was sprayed on the boards I had to stack up by length and grade. I also must have been breathing its fumes and aerosols, and I can only guess what this liquid might have been. But I suspect that it was a preservative that is described "as some of the most deadly, ubiquitous and persistent chemicals known to the human race."

While I was painting someone's house siding, I kept smelling biting, acrid air. I searched and found someone had acrylic or nylon carpet remnants smoldering in a burn barrel.

Living in homes and dormitories which had asbestos-covered ceilings and pipe insulation. Intellectual midgets turned some of it to dust by actually scraping it off the ceilings.

Every farming season bombers fly all around our city limits. They also spray sulfuricPlane spraying toxins up to my property line without permission. acid and other stuff right up to my property line. Their mist can drift long distances, depending on weather conditions. One of my neighbors, who lives adjacent to our city limits, told me that once such a plane flew over her property and covered everything, including their car, with a whitish, sticky substance. The windshield wipers only smeared it around and required water and soap to remove it.

And no one seems to care, or understand, the health implications. Few people are asking why so many of them, including children, have been getting cancer in this valley and in many other regions as well.

Mouth full of leaded gasoline. My master ordered this-here-still-ignorant slave to empty the gas out of his junked car by sucking on the siphoning hose. Gas, with or without lead, is not my favorite drink.

Ultimate long-term mass denial, stupidity: Office air contaminated with potpourri of fiberglass, methylene chloride, formaldehyde, paint fumes, cigarette smoke, flatulence, and more. For years dust was blowing from the ceiling air registers of the office in which I had to work. One could sweep up a wad of it, which was mostly fiberglass insulation, in one swipe across desktops. And no one cared despite my complaints. And once, no one even investigated why one day all the ceiling air registers suddenly blew out clouds of dust. So I climbed to the roof and discovered that the air filters set had not been changed for so long and became so clogged that they blew out. Furthermore, the janitor rarely vacuumed or dusted this office.
Since I could not suffer any longer, I assumed the duty to change the air filters in all four air-handling units. When I asked the Chief of Office Filter Maintenance where I could find the new replacement filters, he lead me to a locked door, cleverly marked with a totally meaningless standard radiation symbol. Inside were many big boxes full of air filters possibly receiving long-term, low-level  from the nuclear sources from several units of construction density test equipment.
One of my jobs in this building also required me to use highly volatile methylene chloride. I received no safety instructions and was asked to dump gallons of it into the ground. Even though I had already learned enough to know that “no good deed goes unpunished,” I responded, “That’s wrong.” Thereupon, one of my bosses immediately left the room, acting ignorant about this, and/or to look for a scapegoat. Another one asked me: "You’re not going to turn us in to the Feds?” To these EPA headquarters Feds? Naturally I was punished for my insubordination.
Because if my occasional inveighing against the oppressive office air, I took on a new status in the eyes of sympathetic co-workers: “Paranoid. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” Thank you for these compliments, because “Paranoids are the only ones who notice things anymore.” - Anatole Broyard.

Drinking raw mastitis, manure, bacteria, cow pee and chlorine-enhanced milk, which I had to extract from my master's cows during my slavery days. (Really!!!)

The usual assortment of hundreds of value-enhancing peoplecides found in poorly ventilated spaces and in many products, food and environment, not specifically called out in this list.

My slave master, Fullo Schitzma, made me crawl around his attic that was insulated with Vermiculite. This material was most likely contaminated with cancer-causing fibrous amphibole asbestos.

Undoubtedly many unknown lead exposures in many unexpected places: Stupidly I assumed that one could heat tea water in a snow-white ceramic cup in a microwave oven. Before the water even started to boil, the glazing around the outside and the dry glazing on its inside cracked in a net-like pattern. And a blue liquid was oozing out of these cracks. So much so that it even formed beads.
It has been widely publicized for decades that lead can be very poisonous, especially to children. Workers who remove old lead paint wear ventilated plastic suits to protect themselves.

* Weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) hiding across America? Everywhere?