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Avoid Human Collapse Disorder (HCDD) Diseases:
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If you are concerned about your health, you must read this!

I could recover from many chronic illnesses that could not be diagnosed properly, then most likely you can also heal your self again. Like I did!

Presently more than half of Americans have at least one chronic illness. A large percentage of those have more than one.

Most of those illnesses did not exist when I was growing up during World War II that was followed by several years of nation-wide starvation.

After I entered the modern age, the "Genocidal Chemical Era," I became unwittingly chemicalized for many decades. Consequently and eventually, I began to  suffer several dozen of those "condtions" listed below. Amazingly I could not  get one diagnosis, one name, of one of my illnesses. For seveal years I felt like I was going to die.

Near the bottom of this page is a list of my forty-plus conditions, symptoms and illnesses that I had slowly accumulated.

That reality should frighten everyone. Because that does not seem to be the case guarantees the continuation of Human Collapse Disease/Disorder die-off and at increasing speed.

The chances are fairly great that you, or someone very close to you, has one or more of the following these conditions:

Gluten sensitivity
Chronic fatigue
Lyme disease
Multiple sclerosis
Foggy thinking
MCS, Environmental Illness
Leaky gut
Reoccurring headaches
Rheumatoid arthritis
Fatty liver disease
Declining sperm count
Autism spectrum
Food addictions
Attention deficit
Adrenal issues
Various types of cancer
Inflammatory bowel disease
Reproductive problems
Chronic Cluelessness
High blood pressure
LDL cholesterol
Metabolic syndrome
Social disconnect
Peanut sensitivity
Social isolation
Joint replacements
So Young and So Many Pills
Learning disabilities
Mold related illnesses
Pasty spider vein face
Emotional instabilities
Nose bleeding, polyps
Sick building syndrome
Growing craziness
Wheat allergies
Central Sensitivity Syndromes
Dairy sensitivity
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Spina bifida
Sinus/Nasal polyps
Premature hair loss
Broken brains


And many more!

I know from experience that when brains are broken all bets are off for maintaining or achieving wellness.

After I had been several years on my path to slow death, I was unexpectedly blessed by a telephone call from a stranger. What little information she shared with me immediately triggered my life-long insatiable curiosity to help my recovery from that "un-diagnosable" illness. That illness was actully a number of unknown illnesses with overlapping symptons.

Their root cause were the stealthy, slow, accumulation of arsenic and other poisons in my body.

My continuous research and total recovery the best of health made me realize that most, if not all people, in the world are similarly affected by environmental poisons to various degrees. Therefore I can no longer remain quiet about that most important subject.

~ ~ ~

When my little brother and I were deepest-poverty-stricken kids, we mixed commonly available chemicals and packed them into tin cans and other kinds of containers. We created home-made bombs, rockets and hand grenades that we launched in various places around our city.

Still, no one listened to our plight, even though we caused huge clouds of attention-getting smoke and ear-torturing noises.

No one cared enough to grope our groins or warn us about our potential shock and awe death. Most importantly, no one imagined that someday  concoctions of a huge number of chemicals in foods, water, air and everywhere would someday help cause collateral damage to millions of unsuspecting people all around the world.

Ami's Avalanche Axiom always kicks in: The greater the silence and inaction about problems, the more astounding their consequent "collateral damage." The best ongoing recent example is the wonderfully educational  sudden onset of the financial system collapse.

~ ~ ~

I was lucky to have grown up in a very natural environment. While I was growing older I experienced the effects of the graduall transitioning of life into a chemical-ised world. Herein I will describe those backgrounds and the consequences of that world-wide change.

However, I will mostly focus herein on my surprising out-of-the-ordinary recovery from very gradual toxin-induced Environmental Illness (EI) that was causing my slow death. EI is more frequently referred to as Multiple Chemical Snsitivity (MCS). My journey helps prove the reality of HCD.

Unfortunately there has been a lot of ignorance, apathy, misunderstanding, and  controversy about HCD. This article is but one of many examples of falsehood. That web site attempts to discredit many effective methods of prevention, diagnoses and treatments that fall outside the mainstream establishments. However, this ignorance about staying healthy seems to be changing, albeit slowly. Here is but one amazing example, the curing of MRSA with an ancient method, a mixture of just five ingredients: two garlic species, copper, wine, and ox gall (a dried form of ox bile).

My personal experiences prove that commonly used chemicals can have very serious effects on health. Again, they also prove that EI/MCS and other HCD diseases are not necessarily "purely psychological" as some self-serving parties persistently claim.

Even low level, but long term, exposures can indeed cause physically-induced diseases. This produces additional psychologically-induced physical PTSD reactions from worrying about them. However, if my years of world record intense early-life traumas did give me PTSD, no one has ever diagnosed such, and I have never had mental health counseling. On the contrary, as a spiritual care volunteer I helped to bring comfort to patients in regional hospital and  psychiatric facilities.

Even so, could my presumed as yet undiagnosed PSTD have caused me to accumulate many subtle and some serious "all in your head" symptoms over a period a very long time? Or did synthetic chemicals cause most, if no all, of my symptoms of worsening health? I will reach an undeniable conclusion that may surprise you.

I am not a doctor, mental health counselor or a professional in related fields. However, I am a former member of The Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress. I was accepted not because of formal book learning but mostly because of overcoming immense long-term challenges. Therefor what I am sharing here is mostly based on my personal experiences, contact with others and years of research.

Furthermore, there are also many other types of illnesses, because almost everyone's immune system has to deal with a constant onslaught of synthetic chemicals. This can eventually weaken or overload them, making it easier for illness-causing germs and viruses to thrive.

Few of the illnesses listed above existed, not even in post-war Germany  when hundreds of thousands of people were starving and freezing to death in that  most stressed-out society of post-World War II. Most people were also so weakened from undernourishment that even farmers, who fertilized the fields with untreated human sewage, did not have enough to eat for several years.

My middle school class on one of its yearly hikes into the mountains.I, my brother and mother.Even so, whatever few of the health manifestations listed above might have existed up through the post-war years occurred at a much lower rate than today. Was that mainly because very few synthetic chemicals, such as deodorants, perfumes, cleaning and pesticide products had not yet been created?

Study the photos above of my middle school class on one of its yearly hikes into the nearby mountains. Notice how happy and healthy everyone appears to be. There was also not a single overweight person in any of the four schools that I attended. What does that say about genetic causes of obesity? Also notice how healthy my mother, brother and I look, in spite of having to scavenge for food from manure and waste piles well into the 1950's. The malnourishment of the three of us lasted so much longer than in the rest of the country because my wealthy hedonistic father abandoned us and threatened to kill us. And to my knowledge we received little or no help from official authorities or other authorities.

Since those earlier times most people have had a growing number of daily exposures and ingestions of ever more kinds of synthetic chemicals. Most of these have never even been tested for health effects, especially not in combinations. Who knows what innumerable chemical combinations can do to living creatures. The main effect most likely being the weakening of immune systems, genetic damage, mutations, degradation and emasculation.

Increasing suicide rates and the ability to think clearly are ample proof. The very sad, as well as very humorous, public debate of the governorship candidates in the 2014 election will cause irresistible belly laughs in some people. Since there are going to be thousands of new chemicals and electro-magnetic frequencies sources introduced in the future, their combined results on human electro-chemical systems are causing what can be classified as Human Collapse Diseases/Disorder (HCDD).

It is no longer matters what you call your disease. The label your doctor gives you is meaningless. What matters is what caused it. Learn how to find the underlying causes and get rid of them with the only proven way to reverse disease and slow down aging.
~ From Dr. Sherry Rogers' book, Detoxify Or Die

Think about of how ubiquitous man-made chemicals must be. I had very good friend, RIP, who was a retired research chemist with over two-hundred patents in his name, and who had worked for a very large chemical company. About once a year his family made its own soap. When a mutual friend asked him why he did not just buy it, he answered that his work included turning industrial waste into ingredients for consumer products.

By the time he died, my friend had also saved many 55-gallon drums full of glass bottles and jars. This could be considered eccentric of visionary. He anticipated that when the public learns about toxins in plastics, there will be a great demand for glass containers.

That was years ago, and strangely, as yet few people care. They would rather die a slow death than to accept their brutal reality.

The newer and often chronic illnesses and the number of affected people are rising in tandem with the spread of unnatural, mostly unseen, chemicals. Therefore one can conclude that there must be a close relationship between the two. Interestingly, some of more affected victims frequently also suffer several such illnesses simultaneously. Of course, other contributing factors are lack of physical exercise, nuclear radiation and not least of all, denial and the massive spreading of false knowledge.

Downtrends in overall health cannot be reversed until the world wakes up from its deep apathy, and after millions more people will have died unnecessarily, prematurely and miserably slowly. Here and here is overwhelming evidence that uncountable ones already have.

However, do not despair, because my health journey proves that with discipline and persistent research for truthful knowledge one can recover from environmental illnesses, HDC. For more information about successful natural healing watch the movie, Sacred Science. Even though I have avoided junk foods as much as possible and have exercised regularly and vigorously most of my adult life, I accumulated an unknown number of chemicals in my body without knowing it. These caused me to develop over forty seemingly unrelated and mostly benign symptoms over the course of many years.

Until an unexpected blowup of my health. One January day some years ago, while I still had enough stamina to go jogging up and down a river gorge, I must have reached the maximum chemical load that my immune system was able to deal with. I suffered a sudden onset of high fever, persistent profuse mucus in my chest and sinuses, almost constant thirst, extreme weakness, weight loss and frequent prolonged headaches.

These conditions waxed and waned somewhat over a period of several months and, in retrospect, seemed to have been influenced by delayed reactions to smoke, chlorine and unknown multitudes of other chemicals in the air, water and skin contacts. During that period two physicians could not find the causes of my symptoms but prescribed antibiotics. These had no effects in lessening any of the symptoms and some even kept worsening. Eventually a doctor ordered several blood tests, and then informed me that “Your tests indicate you have a serious illness. I want you to see a cardiologist and an oncologist.”

He could not tell me what my illness might be, and I did not ask, because his diagnosis did not worry me anymore. A stranger had recently phoned me in response to my Reality Denial Syndrome (RDS)-causing letters to a newspaper about the environmental pollution that I had been observing in our region. This reader told me that I had been poisoned, and I accepted her assessment immediately, even without much explanation. Her family's osteopathic MD had already started me on the road to recovery with a daily detoxification protocol to rid my body of arsenic, my most dominant toxin. Over time he diagnosed additional ones, several blockages in my sympathetic nerves and other causes of symptoms.

Again, think about this: An invisible empathetic stranger, who was not afraid to speak the truth, bluntly and correctly tells me her shocking diagnosis over the phone: "You are poisoned." My experiences  and research since then have convinced me that similar diagnoses can be made for almost every person in the world. "Even if you carefully monitor what you eat, and pay close attention to the household products and items you purchase, your chance of being exposed to hazardous toxins is still quite high."

The entire family of the person who diagnosed me over the phone had been poisoned. They were treated, mostly unsuccessfully for many years, by dozens of doctors in many hospitals around the country, until they found the right clinic specializing in environmental toxins, and therefore, she recognized my condition.

No, I do not know the specific sources of arsenic that might have poisoned me, but there seem to be many. It is not in our domestic city water that tested to be remarkably free from a couple hundred man-made chemicals and pathogens. However, as for example, search for arsenic chicken or enjoy it in your popular juice brands or your favorite rice dish or your favorite cow burger to initiate cynical belly-shaking laughter to soothe your savaged body and soul. 

They are not necessarily in chronological order, because many were intermittent or recurrent. Since I also have to rely somewhat on my memory, there probably were others that I have not yet recalled. These conditions should have warned me, and others, that I had worsening systemic health problems, and that I was well on my way to getting cancer and associated "human collapse diseases."

Before almost miraculous revelations, the causes of the varying symptoms/conditions written in italics in the following list could not be diagnosed correctly or permanently cured with conventional means. That is not to say that I specifically informed my doctors about all of these symptoms, because I did not recognize them or thought they were simply caused by "just aging."

Over the years, I accumulated the amazing number of symptoms listed below. They may astound you: 

Painful lumpy nodes in arm pits
Greater than now normal day to day fluctuating weight
Liver spots on face and hands
Thick skin with deep cracks on heels that sometimes bled
Brain fog of various intensities and durations*
Almost total lack of dreams while sleeping
Plantar warts
Sporadic very cold hands
Eyes steaming up upper inside corners of my glasses
Underarm odor, even after showering1
Short episodes of tingling skin*
Crawling or “electrical buzzing” feeling in arms and legs
Wet and dry macular degeneration in one eye (Misdiagnosis? Has not yet been confirmed)
Rapid weight loss
Sensitivity to scents, chlorine, formaldehyde, dryer sheets and other VOCs*
Intense sadness
Soft rippled finger nails
Attention deficit
Purplish finger and toe nails
Weakening eyesight2
Poor and restless sleep
Long-duration headaches
Constantly runny nose
Occasional bloody discharge from nose
Pre-cancerous spot on nose3
Frequent need to clear throat or persistent mucus
Weak muscle strength and firmness
Reoccurring cold sores on lip
Decades of chronic stinky ear infection, including two surgeries to remove proud flesh4
Almost constant thirst*

Frequent, urgent urination
Intermittent halting speech or misspeaking
Blood tests indicating a
"serious illness" that could not be identified
One or two severe colds or flu per year5
Irritation from loud noise, even from running bathtub water
Dry eyes and lips
Occasional red blotches on face and neck
Frequent feeling of being too hot all over
Long term worries and anxieties
Irregular or slow bowel movements
Feeling distressed for decades inside poorly ventilated spaces (Sick Building Syndrome)6*

Slow healing of small wounds
High PSA level7
Phlegm during start of moderate aerobic exercise
Caffeine-induced jitters
Lack of dreaming
Negative mindset, but with an unusual grasp of reality
Clicking in knees and other joints
Neural interference
Acute constipation
Fatty lumps under skin

Think about what might have caused so many symptoms and conditions? How could they have been overlooked by so many people for so many years?

After that life-saving telephone call from that stranger, I re-invigorated my exercising and concentrated my reading even more about being physically well. With determined discipline I also began to avoid synthetic chemicals, medicines, including aspirin, and processed foods as much as possible. I detoxify everyday with a variety of methods. Oddly enough, or not, in the process I gradually also became emotionally and spiritually much stronger than I have ever been in my whole life.

A few weeks after my first blood tests, my last tests confirmed my "good health." Slowly but surely, most of my symptoms have now completely disappeared, including the ones that could not be diagnosed correctly nor treated for many years.

My recovery by exclusively natural means proves that Plato was absolutely correct when he taught that "The cure of the part should not be attempted without the cure of the whole."

Now I am intermittently experiencing only a few (marked with underlined asterisk, (*), of the forty-some symptoms listed above, and they do seem to be triggered by certain chemicals or foods to which I must have become sensitized. However, these remaining symptoms have also been slowly fading away, or are occurring less frequently, even as I am growing older.


Whereas, here, here, and this Google search indicate that there might be unintentional or intentional global genocide; and

whereas, most of the modern-day illnesses listed herein did not exist, or were quite rare, even during times of historical tribulations; and

whereas, the number of synthetic chemicals in use has been growing exponentially with a similar increase of Human Collapse Diseases/Disorders (HCDD), and thousands of additional chemicals and Nano-materials will be probably be created; and

whereas, a large number of synthetic chemicals that were not safety-tested or were restricted or banned continue to be used, or still remain poisonous after many years; and

whereas, the population is purposely being dumbed down, and many farm workers cannot read instructions, making it difficult for people to understand the proper use, applications and inherent dangers of pesticides, herbicides, etc.; and

whereas, the types and rates of HCDD are increasing in spite of increasing prescription drug use, astonishing growth in healthcare spending and a decreasing trend in harmful use of tobacco; and

whereas, ever more nations, state governors and institutions are declaring or recognizing Environmental Illnesses/Multiple chemical sensitivity and Electromagnetic Sensitivity to be physically debilitating; and

whereas, billions of dollars are spent every year to keep people addicted to junk foods from which they are unable to wean themselves; and

whereas, up to and through my early years in a nearly natural environment people were able deal with such intense emotional and physical stress that would have sickened or killed many people of more recent generations, and without taking pills or mental health counseling; and

whereas, I slowly accumulated ever more toxins and symptoms of degeneration, whose causes were difficult if not impossible to diagnose or could not be treated successfully with the traditional means, antibiotics; and

whereas, I was able to recover my health with continual detoxifying and avoiding synthetic chemicals as much as possible, and

Therefore, humanity has no choice but to deal with the epidemic of Human Collapse Diseases/Disorders, and optimum health requires continuous avoidance and elimination of toxic substances as much as possible.

* * * * *

1 Certain chemicals in deodorants caused me to have sore swollen lymph nodes. Even when I was using any kind of main-brand deodorant, my wife would often still tell me, "You still stink," after I had just come out of the shower. Now that I have been detoxifying I rarely even have to use deodorant.

2 When I told my optometrist that I had been detoxifying my body, he said "That probably will have improved your eyesight." My eye test indeed determined that my vision had improved to where it had been thirteen years before. I became less myopic in spite of having stared at job-related and home computer screens for eight hours a day for a dozen-some years.

3 For several years dermatologists had intermittently frozen off this reoccurring lesion. The last time it appeared again, I began consuming foods and spices that specifically targeted cancer and boosted my immune system even more. On a few occasions I moistened that spot with 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. My nose completely healed within about a month.

Admire my cool Skull Piercing, but do not try this yourself.4 This is yet another unbelievable, but brutally true, confirmation of ignorance, misunderstanding, cover-up or greed. I had a surgery to stop a most severe middle ear infection when I was a baby. Because of almost total neglect, extreme poverty and ignorance, I unnecessarily continued to suffer decades of acute/chronic stinky pus ear infections. This also included two additional surgeries to remove proud flesh, wild meat, from my skull when I was a juvenile..

After years of flushing and sucking out smelly "debris" from out of my ear by many MDs, in three different countries, and antibiotic treatments, I finally and completely stopped this chronic infection from reoccurring by simply cleaning out that ear, what's left of it, about once a month or less often with cotton swabs. A few dollars worth of cotton swabs achieved what unknown thousands of dollars and medical treatments could not.

5 I have always had one or two severe colds or an occasional flu every year. Since I quit getting yearly flu shots about four years ago, I have not have even a touch of either one of these.

6 Almost all newer or newly remodeled buildings have enough air pollution to cause health problems from longer term exposures.

7 My PSA level was on a rapid rise before my "serious illness" diagnosis and then quickly declined again to a very low level after I began detoxifying.

Disclaimer: The Author had no formal training in medicine, nutrition or psychology. The links to external web sites are posted for informational purposes only. Consult with professionals before making changes in your nutrition and exercise routines or with your physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual wellness pursuits.

* * * * *